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Easily manage a small to mid-sized hotel from anywhere, on any device.

Cloud based hotel management system with online booking engine, channel manager, guest mobile self service and much more.

Clock PMS is a modern all-round cloud hotel management system that offers one single point to access all important systems in a hotel - online booking engine, channel manager, rate and revenue management, restaurant POS, housekeeping and similar. It stands out for its guest mobile self service which allows for attractive digital guest services like self check-in, keyless entry, secure online payment and invoicing, digital room service and more.

The system interface is multilingual, very intuitive and easy to learn. Fair and transparent pricing contributes to the attractiveness of the software.

Clock PMS offers a comprehensive web reservation system with advanced customization, translation in any language by the customer, possibility for multiple bookings in one transaction, access to negotiated rates for agents and corporate customers, bonus codes for individual discounts and special offers. Gift vouchers and extra services can also be sold on the hotel website to increase the revenue.

The channel manager helps the hotelier to manage OTA listings from one single point and with ease. The rate for each channel can be easily derived from other standard rates and the inventory is automatically synchronized with the PMS. Additionally, the system offers TripConnect which connects the web reservation system to TripAdvisor so that the hotel rates appear along with OTA results on the site.

The rate management system allows for both long term rate settings and instant adjustments to sudden changes in the marketing situation. Seasonal and derived rates, restrictions, special dates, blocks are only a few of the instruments it offers.

The restaurant POS is designed with hotels in mind and offers seamless transfer of charges to hotel folios, company bills, discounts, attractive eMenu (also for digital room service), wireless transfer of orders to kitchen printers or monitors, unlimited number of handheld terminals and more.

Clock PMS is cloud based, works on any standard device and is compatible with any operating system. System administration is not necessary and user rights help to customise each user's access and permissions. Special control reports are added for more advanced monitoring of sensitive operation.

Clock PMS

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